Friday, February 1, 2013

friends (and family) make the world go round!

Thank you baby Jeeesus it's fridaaaay!!! And super bowl weekend at that. Which means it's going to include my favorite F's ... Family, Friends and Food :)

Speaking of FRIENDS ;) I don't have many, I actually prefer it that way. I have about a handful of friends and they are the bestest ones evaaahhh!!! I just lalalalove them to pieces. Plus, who needs a lot of friends when you have a big family? With that said, two of them have recently gave me some wonderful gifts...

My bestie Roni, whom I just love and adore has been my bestie for about 14 years now. So she knows waaaaaayyyy too much about me...LOL... but I wouldn't have it any other way. She was the second to know of my pregnancy, and we cried together and she made me emotional when she gave me two pendants and a prayer card. The first pendant is of the Virgin Mary to always be with me during my pregnancy. The second pendant is of St. Christopher to guide and protect myself and baby of our whereabouts. I thank god for her and her wonderful gift... Thank you aunty Kat,  You're going to be the bestest baby sitter EVER!!!


The next gift is from one of my darling, wonderfullest, best friend, Beverly aka Bev aka Beth aka Betherly aka Boppi :) (I think she'll have something to say about all that lmao) and her crazy, humorous husband Mark! Oh, can't forget about the doggies, Marley and Moana. Beth and Mark sent me a fun Pregnancy Calendar  so I can track my journey throughout my pregnancy, which I just loooove cause I wanted to get one myself, but always forgot :/ And of course I have to mention the funny card that Mark picked out. The baby communication lingo scares, thanks for that Mark!!! Betherly is actually first cousins with Todd, and is how I met Todd. They're both heaven sent! Thank you Aunty Boppi and Uncle Mark, you're going to be great baby sitters as well!!! lol 

Thank you for the wonderful gifts and for being AH-MAZING friends/sisters! You guys rock my socks and I thank god for yous! 


  1. First, I LOVE YOU... and child and Toddie (of gorse!). I am so blessed to be a part of this journey with you guys, and glad you are where you are today with each other. This baby is going to be the most loving baby evahhh because there are so many beebo that are here for you all!

    Second, your pendants are too presh! Very thoughtful and uplifting... whatta Bestie you have!!

    Third, EFF YOU (that's from Betherly)! LOL

    Love you too many times! xoxo

  2. LOL... Love the calendar! I mean why not laugh & cry at the same time! ;) That's awesome, Mark/Bev! =)

    And thanks for the tears this morning!! :( We've definitely been blessed to have each other! You've been there for me when I couldn't even be there for my dang self! I love you always!! I promise you & my Godchild, I will ALWAYS be there to the best of my ability! =) I cannot wait for that moment when you shed your years of joy hearing baby scream for the first time... :'( Okay, let me breathe because tears will start falling & I'm at work LOL!

    I love you MOH!!