Friday, January 25, 2013

rainy friday :/

No one likes rainy days, well at least I don't. I'm a summer gal who loves the sun, beach, and summer nights with friends and family. Sooooo what does one do on a rainy friday night? watch her favorite chick flicks!!!! Here are a few of my favorites ...

now if only I can get my boyfriend to sit still and watch 'em with me :) 

Happy Friday Folks!


  1. how muy.... muy.... EXCITING!!!! you guys have rain! woohoooooo b/c you guys need it... only for a few days though b/c we all know how sun makes the world go round!

    the other week the Devil Wears Prada was on tv, and I had it on... Mark got really into it and looked it up on Netflix so we can watch it without commercials. BOOM! He instantly fell in love with that movie.... at least he didn't go to the extreme and aspire to work in fashion.

    Happy Friday you pretty lil' thangggg with child ;)

    1. yes, only for a few days then the rain can go back to Oregon lol... You know us Southern Californians can handle only so much rain.

      LOL@ Mark, so glad he liked the movie. He can add that to his chick flick collection :)