Monday, January 14, 2013

two lines vs. one line

November 15th changed my life forever... 

A couple weeks prior to that day, I was having major bad cramps and my breast were super sore. I was also tired ALL.THE.TIME. which lead me to think one thing... I'm definitely starting my period (TMI) but true. I waited and waited as the days that turned in to weeks went by, NOTHING, no period, no sign of spotting, NOTHING! Except for of course the ongoing symptoms I was feeling, which by that time I started to feel all kinds of different symptoms in addition to the ones I was already feeling, nausea, headaches and no energy to do anything. So a light bulb went off, I have to be coming down with something... I immediately thought I was coming down with the stomach flu, BUT considering I didn't start my period yet, I had to rule out one thing ...  pregnancy :/

It was now November 15th, I got home from work, fed my dog, fed my own face and called Todd (my boyfriend) to let him know what I was up to. After asking if I were ok and if I needed anything he said 'Ok, call me the minute you take the test' No one knew but him and I, not even my bestie... So I took the test, it said to give it a few minutes before reading the results, so I waited, and waited, and waited,  it felt like FOREVER... of course while I'm pacing back and forth, I kept glancing down on the bathroom counter, I saw one line (one line is a negative, two lines is positive) I was relieved, but I gave it another second, YES, just one more second... I looked down, and saw TWO lines... IMMEDIATELY I picked up the stick and panicked, I kept saying 'OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH' I said it about 100 times. I cried in between a few OH MY GOSHes.. but I had to gather myself to call Todd. Nope, I sure didn't listen to him when he said to call him the minute I take the test, instead I called him when I got the results. 

I called and said 'I took the test' he responds 'should I sit down for this?' I said 'YUP!' He automatically knew. We were both in shock and couldn't believe were having a BABY! 
Til this day we are still in shock, but extremely HAPPY! 

We will be 14 weeks tomorrow and baby is due July 16th. 


  1. YABBADABBADOOOO!! Just wanna say (again) that I'm happy for you guys... oh such a blessing! ANDDD I'm proud of you back in the blogging game and opening up to the universe about la vida loca!


    1. awww fanks saaasss, means a lot to us :) And welgum back to following me!!!