Monday, August 6, 2012

Feeling, HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Happy Monday and what a hot one it is! At the moment it is 105 degrees in Corona, CA. I can just die, especially after going for a run with Sammi. Who does that?!!!! .... ME! I know, I'm all kinds of cray cray!

Anyhoot! So this weekend was bittersweet for me. I FINALLY finished the 50 Shades trilogy (only took me FOREVAHHH!!!) but nonetheless, I am done. I'm happy to have finished it but oh so sad that my time is up with Christian Grey :*( I must say, it didn't take much for this man with all sorts of imperfections and a troubled up bringing to make me fall for him. I know, I know, it's just a character in a book, but you CANNOT tell me that you have never fallen for a character in a book or a movie?!! yea, exactly... so leave me be and lets carry on...

Soooo... word on the street is that there is a movie in the works. I am itching for it to come true. With that said, I am so curious who they will cast as the infamous Christian Grey?!! So let me share with ya'll my Christian Grey options and you tell me which one suits the role...

Chris Hemsworth

Ian Somerhalder

Matt Bomer

Aren't they all HOTTT?!!!!!
Personally, I'll take all three! LOL, but I think Chris Hemsworth would do an AH-MAZING job as Christian Grey. I wouldn't mind taking place of Anastasia ;)

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